Vegetable Spring Rolls/ served with plum sauce and spicy chili sauce.


Crispy Shrimp/ served with Sriracha mayo. 



Stuffed Mushrooms/ stuffed with bacon and soft mascarpone cheese.


Saltfish Fritters/ served with tomatillo Ranch.


Jerk Chicken Rolls/ served with jerk sauce.


Scallop salad with avocado, mushrooms, honey basil vinaigrette.


Crab sushi/ served with soy sauce and wasabi.


Cucumber Bruschetta/ served with cilantro cream sauce.


Chicken Bits/ served with spicy chilli sauce.


Greek Salad/ served with greek dressing.


 Onion Beets Salad.


Chili Con Carne/ served with garlic toast.


Beef Skewer/ served with spicy thai sauce.


Cream Of Pumpkin Soup with toasted pumpkin seeds.


 Cheese Display.

Vegetable spring rolls

Bbq Chicken

Medley vegetable

strawberry cheesecake



Roast Beef/ served with oven roast potatoes, beef gravy, horseradish mayo.


Grilled Salmon/ served with wild rice, spicy chili sauce.


Authentic Jerk Chicken / served with rice and peas, jerk sauce.


Mixed Seafood simmer in coconut sauce, served with mashed potato.


vegetable Stir Fry, top of with roasted sesame seed. 


Lamb Chops / served with white rice, lamb gravy.


Grilled Chicken breast / served with cilantro rice, Rosemary sauce.


Oven Roast Fillet, served with lemon butter sauce. 


Curried Shrimp./ served with white rice, steamed broccoli 


Lemon Cheese Cake Top Off With Lemon Curd.


Chocolate Brownie with Rum And Raisin Ice Cream.


Waffle with Banana, Apple, Caramel Sauce Top off with Fleshly Whipped Cream.


Fruits Display.


Black Velvet Cake.


Caribbean Fruit Cake.


Strawberry mousse.


Peanut Butter Ice Cream with Cookies.

  • Caribbean fruit cake

  • Lemon Pie

  • strawberry cheesecake


Two Eggs Any Style served with bacon & toast

Pancakes with fresh fruit, bacon or egg

French Toast with fresh fruit, bacon or egg

Omelets with your choice of cheese or vegetable served with toast and bacon

Ackee & SaltFish also available without saltfish

Mackerel Rundown mackerel stewed in coconut milk with vegetable and local spices

Tricnic Breakfast vegetarian beans, tomato & toast

Fresh Fruit Plate local fruits in season

Jamaican Porridge banana, oats or cornmeal

Appetizers & Snacks

Nocho Supreme beans, cheese, jalapeno pepper & the rest

Beans Cheese Quesadilla with veggies add jerk chicken, shrimp, fish, 

Jerk Chicken Or Shrimp Kebab with vegeteble

Chicken Wings choice of jerk, buffalo or bbq sauce

Chicken Fingers choice of plum, bbq, or jerk sauce

Fish Fingers choice of tratar, bbq or jerk sauce

Shrimp Cocktail served with a tropical cocktail sauce

Snapper Fish fried with scotch bonnet pepper & onion

Pepper Shrimp spicy, hot, delicious

Mozzarella,Tomato & Basil fresh mozzarella & basil

Fruit & Cheese Plate

Sandwich & Burgers




The Tricnic Club chicken, ham, bacon, & the rest

The Tuna Salad with capers & red onion 

Fish Filet cornmeal dusted with homemade tartra sauce

The Smoked Salmon with red onion & capers 

The Ham & Cheese with roasted sweet pepper, mustard & mayo

New York Style Hot Dog served with sauerkraunt

Black Bart Burger 100% angus beef, bacon or cheese

Fried Egg with callalloo, tomato $ cheese 

The Yardie jerk chicken sandwich & the rest

Jamaican Bun & Cheese sweet bun with cheese, a jamaican staple

The jamaican avocado & tomato sandwich 

The Grilled Cheese of your choice with bacon & tomato

The Triple Decker sandwich, chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato

Jerk Chicken Burger with onion, tomato, lettuce, jerk sauce

The JamCan Steak Sandwich with spicy mayo